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Why Should You Advertise
With Christian Gays?

Targeted Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgendered Viewers

Christian Gays has hundreds of Articles and Resources, a Dating Service, Chat Rooms, Social Group, Free Downloadable Books, Online Store, and much, much more, attracting a huge international audience.

We are at the top of all the Search Engines and are generating, on average, over 1,000 page views a day, almost exclusively gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, intersexed and transgendered people.

Since our inception in March 2000 our stats have grown steadily every month.

Promotion With My Own Subscribers

I have a very large subscriber base from almost every country in the world, to which I send Newsletters, usually two or three times a month. Your banner ad will be mentioned when first posted, and periodically after that.

Surrounding Ads Will Be Chosen Carefully

All ads will be positioned for maximum appeal.

I will only accept ads which are GLBT specific, ads which I believe my visitors will be interested in viewing, and I will not accept any ads which have "adult" content.

Track Your Own Statistics

Once registered, you will be given the URL to a page that will detail the date, time and IP's of the visitors who have clicked through to your website, so that you can see how effective your ad is at all times.

No Risk

Your ad will be placed on the website for your approval before you are invoiced. We will continue to work with you until you are completely satisfied with the finished ad.


MAP Enterprises, parent company of Christian Gays, is a small "family-run" company with very little overhead and a great passion to reach out to our community. We were established in March 2000 and have grown exponentially over the past fourteen years. We expect to be in business for a long time.

Testimonies From Our Advertisers

"Thanks for the invoice. I just paid for six months. I really appreciate the special price and the awesome results! . . . . I very much appreciate your ministry and the incredible click-throughs from Over the course of a year, I've averaged 56 visitors a week that has sent my way. That is incredible!"     Rick Brentlinger ~ author of Gay Christian 101

"We are THRILLED with the response from our ads with you!! Our traffic has increased incredibly!"     Portia Blakely ~ publisher of The Gay and Lesbian Bible

"Can we pay for another month for the side ad please? The response has been excellent again."     Portia Blakely ~ publisher of The Gay and Lesbian Bible

Cost Factors

There are many options to choose from for every budget.

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Ad Placement - Left Side under Navigation Links or Top of One Page?

The ads on the left side are smaller than those at the top of a page, and a visitor has to scroll down to see them, but they are visible on EVERY page of the website. Look to the left and you will see ads on this page, and every page. Scroll back up to the top to see a larger ad on this page that can appear on any one page (your choice of page) of the website.

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Size of Ads

Ads for the left column under the Navigation Links must be 175 px wide.

Height of these ads is your choice. Minimum height must be 50 px. Maximum height is up to you, depending on your budget.

File size must not exceed 10 KB per 25 px of height per rollover.

Ads for the top of one page (as shown at the top of this page) should be 620 px wide by up to 150 px high. You may choose any available page.

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Designing Your Ad

You may provide your own ad according to our specifications (see above) or I will be happy to design your ad for you.

Cost For Me To Create Your Ad

I will design a single message ad of any size for $50.

If you wish your ad to have more than one message/rollover add $25 per message/rollover, so an ad with two messages would cost $75 to design, three messages would cost $100 to design. This is a one time only charge.

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Price Structure For Ads on the Left Side of the Page

There is a $20 Service Charge to cover the initial placement of the ad.

Montlhy rates are based on $10 plus the height of the ad, specifically $5 per 25 px of height. The minimum height must be at least 50 px high.

    A 50 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $10 (height) = $20/mo
    A 75 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $15 (height) = $25/mo
    A 100 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $20 (height) = $30/mo
    A 125 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $25 (height) = $35/mo
    A 150 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $30 (height) = $40/mo
    A 175 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $35 (height) = $45/mo
    A 200 px high ad is $10 (base) plus $40 (height) = $50/mo

If you wish to pay for one year in advance you will be given two free months - ie only pay for 10 months.

See table with actual examples below.

Option A

Pay monthly for unlimited click-thru's, in which case your ad runs for exactly one month, whether you get 10 or 1,000 click-thru's.

Option B

If you think that your website may not generate a lot of business, instead of paying monthly, you may be wiser to pay per 100 click-thru's.

If you get a lot of visitors, then your ad could be removed after a couple of weeks, and you should probably switch to paying monthly, but if you don't have very many click-thru's, then your ad will remain active for as long as it takes to get you 100 visitors, even if it takes several months.

Price Structure For Ads At The Top Of One Page

All ads for the top of pages are 620 px wide.

There is a $20 Service Charge to cover the initial placement of the ad.

A 50 px high ad is $10/mo
A 75 px high ad is $15/mo
A 100 px high ad is $20/mo

Since these pages obviously do not get as many viewers as the ads which appear on all pages, the size of the ads is larger and the base rate is only $10, but a minimum commitment of six months ($60) is required.

If you pay for a year in advance you are given two months for free - i.e. you only pay for 10 months.

Note 1: Christian Gays gets over a thousand NEW visitors every day, each of whom could click on your banner ad, but they will also be selective in choosing the ads that have a personal interest to them. Therefore it is suggested that your ad reflect most prominently both the gay and/or Christian content of your product or website.

Note 2: There is a $20 Service Charge to cover the initial placement of the ad. This is a one-time charge only, unless the ad is removed for non-payment, in which case there would be a subsequent $20 Service Charge to replace the ad once it has been removed.

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You will be invoiced through PayPal, only after you are satisfied with the ad.

You may request to be billed monthly, every three, four, five or six months, or as mentioned above, if you pay for one year in advance you will be given 12 months for the price of 10.

Payment through PayPal is the only payment method accepted. We do not take credit cards.

What is PayPal? PayPal is a service that is free for you (I pay on my end) to send money electronically from your bank account or your credit card. Click Here to learn more about PayPal and/or to set up an account.

You will be invoiced one week before your ad is up for renewal. If the invoice is paid by the due date the ad will remain on the website. If it is not paid, the ad will be removed the day after your due date. As long as the ad is paid by the due date, you will continue to receive invoices, one week before your next due date.

If you prefer to change the invoice period, you may do so at any time.

If the ad is removed after the due date because of non-payment, but you do wish to continue with it, there will be a nominal fee of $20 to cover the time involved that was expended to remove the ad, bookkeeping, and time to replace it.

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Premium Positioning of Ads

There are no guarantees as to the positioning of your ad if it is on the left side of the page. It will be moved up or down from time to time, however, you may secure a guaranteed position for a premium.

Left Side of the Page Under the Navigation Links

Position #1 - $100/mo
Position #2 - $75/mo
Position #3 - $50/mo
Position #4 - $25/mo

as available.

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Advertising Rates

All Prices are in US Funds

Type of Ad Price in US $ Example
Single Message
175 px x 50 px
$20/mo or
$20/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $50
Single Message
175 px x 75 px
$25/mo or
$25/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $50
Single Message
175 px x 100 px
$30/mo or
$30/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $50
Single Message
175 px x 125 px
$35/mo or
$35/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $50
Double Message
175 px x 75 px
$25/mo or
$25/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $75
Triple Message
175 px x 75 px
$25/mo or
$25/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $100
Double Message
175 px x 200 px
$50/mo or
$50/100 click-thru's
Design Fee $75

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Note: Once your ad is designed, is on the website, has been approved by you and paid for, any future changes to the ad will incur another "design charge".

Please contact to arrange for your ad.

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Note from Mary: The Google Ads at the top and bottom of these pages are supposed to reflect the content within the website, however they are selected by robots so may actually be contrary to beliefs and principles. does not necessarily endorse the Advertisers, however I'm sure some of them are very good.

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