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Audio Video Chat Room Information

1. When you click the Audio Video Chat link from within the Text Chat rooms you will be taken to a List of Rooms with the number of Users who are in each room.

Select the room you want to go into, and click the "Join" button at the bottom left corner of the page.

image of Rooms

2. You will see the Adobe Flash Player Settings box.

Flash Player Settings basic

You will need to click Allow every time you want to enter the chat rooms, unless you access the extra settings by right-clicking (Windows) or Control-clicking (Macintosh) the image.

From the contextual menu, select Settings (not Global Settings), and then click the Privacy tab.

Click Remember and then select Allow, and you will not have to go through this process again.

Flash Player Settings with Options

3. You can be in (up to) four rooms at a time.

You enter new rooms by clicking on the Rooms button across the top and selecting a new room to Join.

You can switch rooms using the tabs at the top of the main text box.

You can log out of any room by clicking the "X" on the room tab.

image of Rooms tab

4. As soon as you enter a room you are able to text to everyone in that room, and your webcam will be turned on automatically for you.

5. a) If you hear an echo, or if others get an echo from your computer, please put on headphones.

5. b) If you experience an audio delay, close your video and just use audio (Mic). The video takes up a lot of bandwidth. You will have a much better experience if you just use audio.

6. To listen to others you need to click beside each name , and select Watch his/her AV stream (below Open Profile). You must do it for each person you want to follow.

image of Mic is on

7. To view a person's profile, click "Open Profile".

Note 1: This is a new chat app for all of us. We are all just learning right now how things work. Don't hesitate to ask others to help you. They might not know the answers either but it can be fun working on the problem together.

Note 2: Many of you will not be interested in using the Audio/Video Features so please continue to use the text chat rooms just as you always have. Text chatting will always be FREE. If however, you like the AV feature, here are the details.

Free Trial Week members get 30 minutes of AV time a day to try it out. Then you will have to text or upgrade to a paid membership.

Free Chat members get 15 minutes of AV time a day. Then you will have to text or upgrade to a paid membership.

Paid members have unlimited AV time.

To upgrade, Login to Connections.

Go to My Membership -> Compare Membership Plans

colour bar

Audio Video Chat Room Troubleshooting

Note: If you get a message that your Connection is Rejected because the Username is already taken, it is because you did not log out properly and are still being registered as present in at least one room. Quit your browser, dump your cache and try again.

Known Issues: Chat is generally sluggish using Firefox 19 or 20 with Vista x64 OS.

Opera exhibits a similar problem, though not as extreme as on Firefox.

Chat works flawlessly on Chrome (latest stable version) and Internet Explorer, with much less CPU load (typically well below 10%).

Audio Video Chat takes a lot of computer resources like RAM (memory), CPU (brains of the computer), and speed of your internet connection. Try any or all of these suggestions to get better results.

1. Close any other open applications that you might have running at the same time.

2. Log out of Chat and then Log back in.

3. Clear your cache and cookies (History - will probably be found in your Preferences, either Privacy or Network) and then restart your web browser.

4. If you still have problems, restart your computer.

5. If restarting your computer doesn't work, update your Flash Player. You can download it here.

6. Click here to delete your Flash cache.

7. Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser and Flash.

8. If the problem is not resolved by updating then please try using another web browser.

     Download Google Chrome here.
     Download Internet Explorer here.
     Download Opera here.
     Download Safari here.
     Download Firefox here.

9. If none of the above help then the problem could be that the internet is just dealing with a lot of traffic and it may resolve itself when things quiet down.

10. If you have done everything above and you still have problems, then the issue may be that:

a) Your internet connection is too slow. Call your Internet Service Provider and ask if you can upgrade to faster service.

b) Your computer is old and does not have enough RAM or CPU resources. If this is the case you can either add more RAM, but the best solution would probably be to upgrade to a newer computer.

If you need help please with

     a) a detailed description of what Operating System you are using,
            example Windows XP, Windows 7, OS 10.7, etc
     b) what web browsers you have tried (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari,
     c) what do I need to do to reproduce the problem, and
     d) exactly what error(s) you are getting. Please tell me the error word
           for word, including any error codes, and take a screenshot of the
           problem so that I can try to make a diagnosis.

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Click here for Information About Our Text Chat Rooms.

Click here to register for Connections Chat Rooms.

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