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Gay Christian Bible Study

We are currently interspersing Hot Topics with Bible Study on Sunday nights so come into Gay Christian Bible Study Chat and find out what's going on.

Bible Studies take place in the Bible Study Room of the Chat Rooms. They all take place at the same time on Sunday evenings.


5 pm Pacific Time
6 pm Mountain Time
7 pm Central Time
8 pm Eastern Time

All are welcome.

When you enter the Chat rooms you will be in the Main Chat Room.

To get into Bible Study you will need to go to the top of the page. Look for the red bar that says "Welcome ::username::". Directly below that is a drop down menu beside the words Change Room Here.

Select the word Main Chat and change it to Hot Topics/Bible Study room.

Now you are in the Hot Topics/Bible Study room.

On Sunday nights we invite people to arrive on the hour, and will allow 15 minutes for greetings and chat. Bible Study will start at quarter after the hour with prayer requests and an opening prayer before getting into the Study.

If you arrive after quarter after, please act just as if you arrived late to church and be respectful of the prayer and of the teaching. But please come in even if you are late because we would still love to have you join us!

Please have pencil and paper handy to jot down questions that will be addressed after the teaching is finished.

We will try to keep the study to one hour. After the study is over, we will take your questions, and then will close in prayer.

Fellowship can continue in the Main Chat room after Bible Study.

Please proceed now to Gay Christian CHAT to register and check out the rooms so you'll know what to expect. Of course you're welcome to come to the regular chat rooms anytime.

Chat Rooms are open 24/7.

Scheduled Chat Nights
are Saturdays at

6 pm Pacific Time
7 pm Mountain Time
8 pm Central Time
9 pm Eastern Time

Please also read about our Email Social Group where we discuss Scripture, ask for prayer, and get to know each other as "family". We'd love it if you'd join us.

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