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Gay Marriage

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Personalized Marriage or Holy Union Certificates - laser printed on heavy duty, gold embossed, acid free paper, and made with love by Mary

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The Argument For And Against Gay Marriage
~ author and date unknown

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United States Facts and Statistics Re Same-Sex Marriage
~ by Dean Bergsma, October 2014

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Where is Gay Marriage Legal?
~ last updated Jan 27, 2014

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We truly regret that gay marriage attacks the sanctity of your fourth marriage

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"If any white person intermarry with a colored person, or any colored person intermarry with a white person, he shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by confinement in the penitentiary for not less than one, nor more than five years."

Remember that law? It wasn't all that long ago (1958, to be exact) that this very line, this nasty little bit of legalized hate, was on the books in Virginia. Yes, interracial marriages were illegal in many states as recently as 50 years ago.
     ~ Mark Morford

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What is Biblical Marriage?
~ by Brother Lawrence Damien CoS CAM, Feb 18, 2014

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Legal Match - Same-Sex Marriage Legalization History

Same-sex relationships have been recorded since the beginning of civilization. Same-sex unions occurred in various forms, including informal, unsanctioned, and ceremonial marriages. The Ancient Roman Empire certainly did not shy away from same-sex unions. Many of the early Roman emperors were in homosexual relationships themselves, and there was widespread acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality among the Roman citizens. Nero, an early Roman emperor was known for his homosexuality. He had even been married to two men at different points in time. The acceptance of same-sex marriages changed to intolerance with the rise of Christianity, wherein Constantius II and Constans instituted a law that prohibited these unions and those who violated the law faced execution. As a result, same-sex marriages became a taboo for thousands of years, except in a few cases, like the case where Pedro Diaz and Muño Vandilaz married in Spain during the Middle Ages.

Please visit Legal Match website to continue.

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New Zealand Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill
Maurice Williamson: "Rainbow Across My Electorate"
Apr 23, 2013

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Mar 10, 2013 - Daily Mail Online UK - Homosexual acts are still illegal in 41 of the [British] Commonwealth's 54 nations. Penalties include the death sentence in parts of Nigeria and Pakistan; 25 years jail in Trinidad and Tobago; 20 years plus flogging in Malaysia; and life imprisonment in Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh and Guyana.

Same-sex relationships are recognised in only five [British] Commonwealth countries: UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

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Why Catholics Can Vote "NO" to Marriage Amendment
June 12, 2012

Father Bob Pierson, a gay Catholic priest, blasted the Catholic Church's stance on same-sex marriage in a speech to more than 200 Catholics in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina on Sunday, telling them why it is okay to vote "no" on the anti-gay marriage amendment hitting the ballot there in November.

To loud applause, Pierson stated: "I cannot remain silent. As Catholics, we can vote 'no'."

Pierson quoted "young theologian" Joseph Ratzinger (who later became Pope Benedict), in his explanation:

"Our holy father taught in 1967 that we must obey our own conscience, even if it puts us at odds with the Pope. I doubt that he knew that he was going to be Pope when he said that."

Pierson added, "I believe the church does not have the right to force its moral teaching on others outside our fold."

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Please share this with friends and people you love.
Directed by Mike Buonaiuto

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HealthCare Coverage For U.S. Same-Sex Couples
- Feb 7, 2012

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Gay Wedding Resources page if you are planning a wedding

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As you read these pages, please Click Here to listen to "Love And Let Love",
a song by John Long, a straight, retired, married guy with kids, who believes in our cause. It's a beautiful home-recorded song, and we are most grateful to John for allowing us to use it.

If you have a use for the song as well, please for permission.

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In Defense of (Same-Sex) Marriage - How DOMA Separates Binational Families and Why it Must be Abolished
by Joseph J. Shepherd, Esq.
Jan 5, 2012

Under current federal immigration law and policy, same-sex binational couples who are married or want to get married face widespread discrimination, uncertainty, and a plethora of limitations and complications surrounding their ability to lawfully stay together in the U.S.. This article clarifies the ambiguities, highlights the important signposts along the way and provides tangible direction for ending the anti-gay and anti-lesbian biases wrought into U.S. immigration law by the Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA").

Read the full Article

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NYS Senator Diane Savino Speaks on
The Marriage Equality Bill

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The License
- Traditional Marriage?

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Don't Tell Me Who To Love by Ray Boltz

SONG LYRICS: "Don't Tell Me Who To Love"

written by Ray Boltz ©2008 Shepherd Boy Music/ASCAP


The year was 1966 and they were wearing their wedding bands

She was black and he was white and some people didn't understand

The judge said that's not legal, the preacher called it a sin

But they couldn't stop them cause he loved her and she loved him


Don't tell me who to love, don't tell me who to kiss

Don't tell me that there's something wrong because I feel like this

I know what's in my heart, that should be enough

Don't tell me, don't tell me no, don't tell me who to love


Maybe you're in love today and you've been making wedding plans

But there is someone in your way shouting things cause they don't understand

The judge says that's not legal, the preacher calls it a sin

Oh you just remember they were wrong before and they're wrong again



Now there always will be hatred and voices that condemn

Oh but I believe that true love is gonna make it in the end


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Portugal Becomes Eighth Country to Allow Same-Sex Marriage
- May 17, 2010

Where Each Candidate For President of the U.S. Stands on Gay Marriage
- by Scott M. Williamson, Jan 9, 2008

My Rambling Thoughts On Marriage
- by Scott M. Williamson, Nov 14, 2007

Gay Marriage in the Bible
- from Internet Sacred Text Archive

Canadians! Action Alert - December Marriage Vote!
- Press Release, Nov 27, 2006

New Jersey Recognizes Same-Sex Couples' Constitutional Rights
- Press Release, Oct 25, 2006

Religious Leaders Say "No" To Re-Opening Equal Marriage
- Press Release, Oct 24, 2006

A War Against Love Itself
- by Wayne Besen, Sept 13, 2006

New Canadian Prime Minister To Move Quickly On Gay Marriage Repeal
- by Sue Bailey, Jan 27, 2006

Marriage Ban Falls - Gay Marriage Supporters Celebrate
- by Theo Emery, Sept 14, 2005

California Becomes First In Nation To Pass Marriage Equality Legislation
- by Equality California, Sept 06, 2005

Same-Sex Marriage in the Netherlands
- source - Wikipedia

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July 21, 2005 - In the United States, Massachusetts is the only state that allows gay marriages; Vermont and Connecticut have approved same-sex civil unions.

Though hundreds of foreigners have come to Canada to seek civil ceremonies since gay marriages were first allowed in Ontario and British Columbia in 2003, not all countries or states recognize the unions.

The U.S. government does not recognize same-sex marriage, and most states refuse to acknowledge marriage certificates from gay and lesbian couples, regardless of where they wed.

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Canada Becomes the 4th Country to Legalize Gay Marriage
- July 20, 2005

Spanish Premier Zapatero's Remarkable Gay Marriage Speech
- July 1, 2005

Spain: Gay Marriage Legal
- July 1, 2005

Canada - Same-Sex Bill Gets Final Approval
- June 29, 2005

New Brunswick Becomes 8th Province to Extend Equal Marriage
- June 23, 2005

Canadian Military Performs First Gay Wedding
- by Alison Auld, June 15, 2005

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- from (Canadian) BACK magazine issue 004 (May 2005)

Here is the legal status of gay marriage in Europe and other parts of the world.

BELGIUM: Legalized gay marriage in 2002

BRITAIN: Plans to introduce legislation soon, authorizing civil unions, giving gay couples legal recognition, with most of the rights enjoyed by married partners.

CANADA: Considering legislation to legalize gay marriage. For those of you who are not Canadian, you may think that we already have legalized marriage. Well we do in British Columbia, (not Alberta), Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, (not New Brunswick or PEI), Newfoundland and the Yukon Territory (not Nunavut, or Northwest Territories). But it will soon (probably in July) become law for all of Canada, and will be enshrined in our Charter of Rights, so that all provinces and territories will have legalized marriage.

DENMARK: The first country to legalize same-sex unions in 1989, later giving couples adoption rights. Other Nordic countries followed in the 1990's.

FRANCE: Allows civil unions since 2000

GERMANY: Introduced civil unions in 2001.

ITALY: Does not recognize same-sex unions.

THE NETHERLANDS: Became the first country to legalize gay marriages outright in 2001.

NEW ZEALAND: Same-sex marriage will become legal on August 19, 2013.

PORTUGAL: Lesbian and gay couples who live together acquire the same rights as heterosexuals in common-law marriages.

SPAIN: Like most Roman Catholic countries, Spain does not recognize gay unions. But some northern regions, such as Navarra and the Basque country, recognize gay common-law couples and accord them rights of spouses.

SOUTH AFRICA: Recognized gay rights in its constitution after apartheid ended in 1994. Activists are prepaing litigation to have the common law definition of marriage extended to include same-sex couples.

SWITZERLAND: Its largest city, Zurich, started recognizing registered gay couples last July. Geneva also recognizes same-sex couples, although grants them fewer rights. Swiss authorities are considering whether to introduce a national law to harmonize treatment throughout the country.

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Statement on Same-Sex Marriage - positive reasoning to support gay marriage
- by Jim Prentice, M.P. Calgary Centre-North, Feb 2, 2005

The Love that Proudly Speaks its Name - court presentation - the right to wed
- by Lloyd Peacock

Judge Voids Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Nebraska
- by Associated Press, May 13, 2005

Address to the Texas House of Representatives
- by Senfronia Thompson, Apr 29, 2005

My First Year as Justice of the Peace - "I am honoured to pronounce you . . ."
- by Sally Masters JP, Apr 20, 2005

Crossing Lines - One Person's Thoughts About Same-Sex Blessings
- by Rev. Lowell E. Grisham, July 20, 2003

The Meaning of Marriage: Shades of the "Persons" Case
- by Terence Cottrell, Jan 29, 2005

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"Concerning love, gay marriage satisfies the ideal prerequisites for marriage. Gays fall in love, have the intention of exclusivity, care deeply for each other, share burdens and blessings, enjoy being together, express as a couple their physical, emotional, intellectual, religious and/or philosophical yearnings and aspirations.

Hardline opponents speak of their disgust over homosexual sexual acts. But, anything homosexuals may do in the privacy of their bedrooms is already being done by some married couple according to the sex manuals available. Besides, heterosexual marriages are often a disaster rather than a worthy model. I believe gay marriages will provide a superior model that will enhance straight marriages that are currecntly anything but exemplary."

- Rev. Gerald Walton Paul - Ordained United Church Minister and
    regular contributor to the Religion Section of the Kingston Whig-Standard
- excerpt from article published in the Kingston Whig-Standard Feb 26, 2005

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Sixteen countries now allow citizens to sponsor their same-sex partners for immigration: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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Same-sex, same-gender unions have been celebrated in the church throughout history, dating back as early as 514 B.C., long before heterosexual marriages became a sacrament in 1215! The subsequent rise of homophobia put an unfortunate end to such unions in Western Europe. Eastern Europeans, however, continued to celebrate same-sex, same-gender offices as late as the 1620's and possibly later.

It is also ironic that the radical religious right can resurrect from the Bible NO EXAMPLE of the archetypal "traditional marriage" they so fervently propagandize. The first child of Abraham - cultural progenitor of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - was borne by his wife's handmaiden, Hagar (Genesis 16). And didn't King Solomon reportedly have a thousand wives and concubines (1 Kings 11:1-3)? There is no consistent, comprehensive Biblical model of heterosexual marriage - it simply doesn't exist.

For more information, please read Justice = Civil Marriage Equality by Christopher Hubble.

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Virginia on the Move - aggressively anti-gay, VA does it again
- by Wayne Besen, Jan 17, 2005

Uncivil Unions
- by Wayne Besen, Dec 7, 2004

The Pharisees Line Up To Cast Their Stones At Gay Partners
- by Howard Troxler, Nov 14, 2004

Moral Issues? Family Values? - "Traditional Marriage"? I think not!
- by Mary Pearson, Nov 10, 2004

No Place For Lovers - Virigina has the most anti-gay laws to date
- Sept - Oct. issue [Vol. XI, No. 5] of "The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide"

America's New Reality Can't Be Amended
- by Wayne Besen, Nov 4, 2004

Ottawa Confirms Support For Same-Sex Marriages
- by Kirk Makin, Oct 6, 2004

Same-Sex Marriage Legal in Nova Scotia!
- OTTAWA (Reuters), Sept 24, 2004

Same-Sex Marriage Ruled Legal In Manitoba
- by Oliver Moore, Sept 16, 2004

Manitoba Government Won't Fight Three Same-Sex Marriage Bids
- by Steve Lambert, Aug27, 2004

4,000 San Francisco Gay Marriages Overturned
- by Mark Morford, Aug 18, 2004

"Tying The Knot", a Roadside Attractions film, documents the political war between gay people who want to marry and those determined to stop them.

Gay Marriage Now Legal In The Yukon
- July 14, 2004

As Evangelical As An Oak Tree
- by Jim Wallis, July 14, 2004

Bush: The Case For Impeachment or Defeat
- by Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson, OSJB, July 12, 2004

Justice = Civil Marriage Equality
- by Christopher Hubble, July 7, 2004

The State's Role in Marriage - Part 2
- by Christine Overall, June 28, 2004

The State's Role in Marriage - Part 1
- by Christine Overall, June 21, 2004

Foes Confounded by Limited Outcry Against Gay Marriage
- by Alan Cooperman, June 20, 2004

Episcopalian Church Recognizes Gay Pastor's Union in Maryland
- by Reginald Fields, June 13, 2004

Open Letter To The U.S. Congress From Faith Communities
- by Kerry Lobel, MCC Interim Executive Director, June 11, 2004

Germany To Allow Same-Sex Marriages
- by Ben Aris in Berlin, June 8, 2004

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced In France
- (UPI) June 7, 2004

First Gay Marriage Held In France
- BBC News UK Edition, June 5, 2004

Canadian Immigration For Same-Sex Partners
- LEGIT (Lesbian and Gay Immigration Taskforce)

Canadians - Know Where Your Politicians Stand on Same-Sex Marriage
- Canadians For Equal Marriage, May 25, 2004

Nine Couples Represent More Than 100 Years Of Love
- by Jonathan Swartz, May 24, 2004

Congratulations To All The Couples Married In Massachusetts Today!
- HRC (Human Rights Campaign), May 17, 2004

Gay Couples Apply for Marriage Licenses in Massachusetts
- by Pam Belluck, May 17, 2004

Same-Sex Couples Go To Court, Challenge Barriers To Marriage
- by Jay Weaver, May 13, 2004

Boston Bars Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages
- by Pam Belluck, May 13, 2004

Same-Sex Marriage - Terminology
- by Mary Pearson, May 11, 2004

Couple Has Everything But A Ring
- by John Golden, Apr 18, 2004

The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage
- by Chris Hubble, Mar 21,, 2004

Gay Marriage About Taking Responsibility
- by James Miller, Mar 12, 2004

The Way We Live Now - Power of Two
- by Jonathan Rauch, Mar 7, 2004

Letter To President Bush
- by Steve Davis, Mar 5, 2004

Same-Sex Marriage A Common Practice In The Netherlands -
(Same-Sex Marriage Around The World) - by Toby Sterling, Mar 4, 2004

Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin - Just Married, After 51 Years Together
- by Anne Hull, Feb 29, 2004

Biblical Marriage: A Bad Source For Debate
- by Vaughn Roste, Jan 23, 2004

Contra Sola Scriptura
- by Vaughn Roste

Two Fathers, With One Happy to Stay at Home
- by Ginia Bellafante, Jan 12, 2004

The Power of Legal Marriage
- by David Brooks, Nov 22, 2003

Chronology of Canadian Same-Sex Marriage Issue
- by Réal Ménard, Bloc Québécois MP, Aug 1, 2003

Same-Sex Marriage - A Call For Intense Dialogue:
Catholics need to do their own research - by Rev Scott Gale

The Benefits of Legal Marriage
- by C. Ann Shepherd

Fear of Same-Sex Marriage
- by Mary Pearson, Sept 9, 2001

When Marriage Between Gays Was a Rite
- by Jim Duffy, Aug 11, 1998

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Sept 24, 2004 - Nova Scotia legalizes same-sex marriage.

Sept 16, 2004 - Manitoba becomes the fourth province in Canada to allow same-sex marriages.

July 14, 2004 - Same-sex marriage becomes legal in the Yukon.

May 17, 2004 - Massachusetts joins Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec, along with the Netherlands and Belgium, as the only places worldwide where homosexuals can marry.

Dec 21, 2004 - Newfoundland becomes Canada's seventh province to let gay couples wed.

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