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Personal Stories of Reconciliation
Of Sexuality & Christianity

The personal stories that are shared with you here are provided to give you hope that it IS possible to reconcile your faith with your sexuality. Follow their journeys. Perhaps you will relate to some of them.

Read the ACCURATE interpretation of the Original Scriptures regarding homosexuality on the Homosexuality and the Bible page.

Pray before reading, that God will open your eyes to the TRUTH, that God loves you just as He created you. Your sexuality is not a surprise to Him, and, in spite of what society and the church have told you, you are not a second class citizen in God's sight. God loves you and accepts you as a gay person when your life is committed to Jesus Christ.

"God loves YOU so much, that Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, was freely given, that WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life."    John 3:16

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A Lesbian in Nigeria - Disowned By My Family
- by RIZI

A Miracle of Healing - A Drug Addict Experiences God's Healing Touch
- by Mike Domínguez (aka "Acorn")

A Trailblazer From Birth - The true story of Aiden Rivera-Schaeff's short life
- Kingston Whig Standard Saved My Life
- by James

Confessions of a Christian Lesbian - A Short Biography
- by Mary Pearson

Defined By Faith - How My Online Store Came Into Being
- by T. James

Does God Hate Me? - The Road to Finding Peace With My Sexuality
- by Heather Smith

First Same Sex Marriage Lawsuit of the Modern Gay Rights Movement
- by Craig Dean

Gay and Catholic - A Director with "Exodus International" Rejects Their Ministry
- by Darren Theoret

Gay and Christian - Ray Vester Proves You Can Be Both
- by Mark Smith

Gay Pride - should be a "must read" for ALL
- by Rick James

(The) Great Shame - an 11 page .pdf download
- by Scott McKernan

HIV and Me - A Story of HOPE - Turning Scars Into Stars
- by Yowee

Journey Toward The Light - The Path Of Reconciling My Faith And Sexuality
- by Teri Myers

Losses - And New L.I.F.E
- by Susan Duviella (brwneyes)

My "Coming Out" - Husbands Out To Wives
- by D

My "Coming Out" - Different Than Most
- by Prophet Micheal Franklin

My "Coming Out" Tale - Loss of Family - A Familiar Story To Many
- by Jason Martin

My Discovery - Journey To Where I Should Have Been All My Life
- by Linda Smith

My Salvation is Based on Christ Alone - At Peace Finally!
- by William Spangler

Nelson's Story - Coming To Terms With Being Gay
- by Nelson Blaine

Notes on Gender Role Transition - My Personal Experiences
- by Stephenie Robinson

Reflections of a Gay Boy - From the Vantage Point of a 60 yo
- by Jack Gaffles

Scott Williamson Catches a Glimpse of Heaven - reprint from "Out & About"
- by Allen McAllister

There God Was! - "I began to cry hysterically, and THERE HE WAS!"
- by Pat

Tribbles Aren't Trouble - Labels Are.
- by David Foreman

Unapologetically Christian, Unapologetically Lesbian
- by Anita Cadonau-Huseby

Un-sync-able - diagnosed with severe Gender Dysphoria
- by Scott White (Ellie)

Up The Flood Without An Ark - coming to terms with being transgender
- by Pennyjane Hanson

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Note from Mary: If you are a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Christian who has struggled to reconcile your faith with your sexuality, are now at peace, and would like to share your story to help others, please send it to . I will forward it to our editors to review, and will then post. You will be notified once it goes on the website.

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