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Connect With Other Gay Christians

We have many ways in which you can interact with others or you can just listen and learn. We are a SAFE space!

Subscription to our resources is restricted to those who support us.

We don't want to clog up your inbox with unwanted mail so each resource listed below is independent of the others so for example, if you want to receive the Newsletters, join the Social Group, or Connections, you must subscribe to each one separately.

UNSUBSCRIBE is easy if you change your mind! Information on how to unsubscribe is at the bottom of this page.

We have been asked, but we will NEVER sell or forward our subscribers' information to ANYONE! This information will ALWAYS BE CONFIDENTIAL!

Inappropriate usernames or email addresses will automatically be unsubscribed.

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Connections Friend Finder, Chat Rooms, Forums & Dating Service

Connections is a new concept in bringing people together. It is not simply a dating service. It is a friend finder as well. It is for single people just wanting to find friends, and it is also for couples who are looking for other couples or groups to perhaps go to events together.

We have combined our chat rooms, dating service and message boards/forums, and added options for seeking friends/penpals, prayer partners, activity partners, and traveling companions, as well as finding your soul mate.

Everyone is registered as a "1 week Free Trial" member with all options available to you. This will give you an opportunity to see how things work. After 7 days, your membership will be changed to "Lifetime Free Text Chat & Forums", and you will need to upgrade your membership if you wish to take advantage of our other features like Sending Messages and Audio Video Chat.

Christian Gays understands that some must remain closeted so for your profile pic, use your dog, cat, pic of a flower, a cartoon or something that represents you. Only other members can see your information.

YOU MUST click on the link to Activate your Profile from an email that will be sent to you when you Register, so you must provide a legitimate email address.

Once Registered and your Profile is Activated, Login and check out all of our features including the Chat Rooms & Forums which you'll find under "Home".

Click here to Register for Connections.

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Social Group

Our Social Group is completely private, except to members. It allows you to communicate with others via a group email list serve. Everyone in the Group gets to read what you have to say. This is where we really get to know each other if you choose to participate. Start discussions, post photos, let people know when you're going to go to the chat rooms, ask for prayer, or just be a silent observer.

We range in age from 13 - 95. Most of us are Spirit-filled Christians, including many pastors, ex-nuns, archbishops, etc, but some of us are questioning our faith and finding out how to be comfortable as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, intersex and transgender Christians. We also have many supportive "straight" members, some pagans, agnostics and people of other faiths. We are a diverse group of people with many varying beliefs. All are welcome at Christian Gays!

Christian Gays strictly regulates guidelines of
1) no sexually explicit conversation except for the purposes of learning and
2) respect for ALL. Everyone is free to disagree with a post, but criticism must be confined to the issues, NOT of the person who posted.

We'd love to have you join our "family". I'm sure you'll feel comfortable, loved, and supported.

Note please: New members' posts will be moderated before posting until you send us your introduction or post responsibly to a current topic. This is to assure safety for our members from abuse.

Comments from some of our members:

"I have been lurking for about a week, not to be nosy but to see if the people here were what I had hoped they would be. I have seen such a cohesive group that shares, loves, and laughs together through their love of Christ. I had prayed for a group that valued mature discussions, that invited many different opinions of theology, and I am glad to have found it."

"I am truly blessed and grateful to God for leading me to you. This truly is a great community. I love you guys."

Oh my gosh, I really LOVE the discussions in this group. I really find both the Adam and Eve / Jonah and the Whale, posts very interesting and amusing as well. I never thought about them like that. I really love this group and everyone who has been contributing to these discussions. After a hard day at work today, they really put a smile on my face. Thanks everyone !!

"This group is absolutely wonderful and I am proud to be a part of it."

"Thank you all for the constant prayers. They're greatly needed and appreciated."

"This group is really a wonderful thing. I can't begin to express how helpful it was for me, and how helpful it will probably be in the future! So many LGBT people feel so alone and isolated, and that lonliness can be the scariest thing in the world. This group provides a solace for people. It's a safe place to run to, and those safe places are priceless. "

Click here to subscribe to the Social Group.

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Christian Gays Seniors

Many of our seniors are lonely. Sylvine has undertaken to email one on one, anyone who would like some personal attention. We have also started a Senior's Email List Serve (like our Social Group but just for seniors) where members can write to each other.

This group is just getting started. If you would like to become a part of it, please write to and I will put you in touch with Sylvine.

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Christian Gays Forums/Message Boards

Join in Discussions, read reviews of books, DVD's & movies, check events & festivals, learn from the Bible Studies, recommend your church to others. Are you looking for a traveling companion, or a new home? Post an ad on our Forums.

Login to Connections. Go to Home -> Forums.

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Facebook Pages

We have two Facebook Pages. Our moderators usually post a question, scripture verse, or comment each day. It is a place where you can post a link to your" welcoming" Christian church, an activity, your website, or anything that you think might be of interest to other gay Christians.

Click here to visit our Main Facebook page.

Click here to visit our Trans Facebook page.

Facebook Group

We have recently added a Facebook Group where anyone can see the group and who the members are, but only members see the posts. Any member can add or approve new members.

Click here to visit our Facebook Group.

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Google+ Page

You must be a member to post.

Click here to visit our Google+ Page

Google+ Community

This group is Public. Anyone can join and post.

Click here to visit our Google+ Group.

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Newsletters are periodic notifications (usually twice a month but could be more or less) of changes or additions to the website, gay trivia, Bible facts, promotions or products on sale, and any significant news of interest to the gay Christian community.

Get Mary's eBook Gay AND Christian? YES! It IS Possible! when you subscribe.

Click here to subscribe to our Newsletters.

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Prison Ministry

We have many inmates (mostly lesbians) who are in need of spiritual support. They do not have access to computers.

If you are a solid Christian who would write (postal mail) to one or more of our inmates I would be so grateful! You do not need to commit to writing more than one letter, but every letter would be most appreciated by the inmate, and you will be blessed for your ministry to them.

Click here to read about our Prison Ministry.

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We recommend you join our Social Group for support but if you need one-on-one support please see our Couselling page for a list of our volunteers. You may write to one or many of them.

Click here to read about our Counsellors.

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1) Click on the appropriate link below. This will bring up an addressed letter.

2) It is not necessary for you to type anything. Just hit "Send".

3) An email will be sent to you to which you must "Reply".

4) You will receive a confirmation email of your unsubscription.

To unsubscribe from Newsletters please click .

To unsubscribe from Social Group please click .

To unsubscribe from Connections please
      Login and go to "My Membership". Select "Cancel Membership"

If you would like to learn about our Audio Video Chat, please click here.

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