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Gay Christian CHAT Times

The chat rooms are open 24/7 and will often, but not always, have a Moderator.

All chat times are Eastern Time - i.e. EST in the winter and EDT in the summer.

If you aren't sure what time that is for you, Click Here to convert to your time.

The Chat Rooms are Moderated

   AM shown in red    PM shown in black
Day Eastern (CG) Time* Pacific Time** UK Time*** Australian Time**** Moderator/Host
Wed 9 - 11 PM 6 - 8 PM Thur 2 - 4 AM Thur 11 AM - 1 PM Brother Damien moderating
Thur 1 - 3 PM 10 AM -12 PM 6 - 8 PM Fri 3 - 5 AM Nel (South Africa) moderating
Thur 9 - 11 PM 6 - 8 PM Fri 2 - 4 AM Fri 11 AM - 1 PM Brother Damien moderating
Fri 9 - 11 PM 6 - 8 PM Sat 2 - 4 AM Sat 11 AM - 1 PM Dad Larry
Sat 9 - 11 PM 6 - 8 PM Sun 2 - 4 AM Sun 11 AM - 1 PM Brother Damien moderating
Sun 9 - 11 PM 6 - 8 PM Sun 2 - 4 AM Sun 11 AM - 1 PM Brother Damien moderating
Sun 9:30 - 11 PM 6:30 - 8 PM Mon 2:30 - 4 AM Mon 11:30 AM - 1 PM Dad Larry Leading

*Note: Chat uses Eastern (Toronto, ON Canada) time.
     **Pacific time is three hours before - eg. 8 pm ET = 5 pm Pacific time.
     ***UK time is five hours after - eg. 8 pm ET = 1 am the next day UK time.
     ****Australian Time is 14 hours after - eg. 8 pm ET = 10 am the next day Australian time.
     Click Here to convert your time if you're not sure.

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Note: If there is any question regarding behaviour in the chat rooms, please Read Our Agreement for clarification.

All chats are recorded along with the IP address of each chatter. Moderators get a copy of the chat the next day and will take any appropriate action if there is a violation of our Agreement. In most cases this action will be a banning of the offending member.

Click Here For Our Chat Rooms

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